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MyToTxt - Export MySQL data to file (csv, tsv, txt, sql, xml, excel...)
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26 December 2014

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This is an export tool that helps export of MySQL data in various formats to other applications.

MyToTxt is an export utility for MY SQL data. It will let you export data to files in csv, txt, sql, xml, html, excel and other formats. The data to be exported could be picked up in several ways. You could decide to export one particular table in a chosen schema. The data from multiple tables could be exported to different files at the same time. You could export all the tables in the schema or collect data through a SQL query. All types of elements, including the TEXT type as well as the BLOBs are supported. The interface makes it easier for inexperienced users. The command line option available makes experienced users get a lot of work done through a command with proper parameters set. The schedule mode can help save a lot of time and hassle in these routine data transfer activities.

The user interface is quite simple and intuitive, letting you set parameters through mouse clicks. What is really useful is that these session parameters could be saved and used again and again. Thus, when these transfers are routine, this alone can save quite a bit of time for you. Once you start the export activity, the progress monitoring available is quite comprehensive. You get indications of percentage completed, elapsed and remaining time estimates and how many records out of a given total has been exported. What is a real life saver is the log functionality. This tells you what went wrong, when things do go wrong. This is a very useful yet a simple tool.

Publisher's description

MyToTxt - The better tool to export MySQL data to file
MyToTxt - Export MySQL data to file (csv, tsv, txt, sql, xml, excel...). MyToTxt is a tool to export MySQL data to file (csv, text, sql, xml, html, excel...).

MyToTxt is convenient:
1. Easy visually config, just click on the mouse.
2. Displaying Progress, time estimation.
3. Saving and loading session parameters, let you repeat your task easily.
MyToTxt is powerful:
1. Support multiple file format: csv, txt, sql, xml, html, Excel.
2. Export from both table and query.
3. Export all tables data in a schema to files in same time.
Version 2.4
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